A Use-of-Force Doctrine in Policing

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Reports of police use of excessive force appear weekly in the media and have generated outrage in many communities. Officers actions are currently judged by the Graham v Connor ‘standard of reasonableness’, but the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) does not believe that goes far enough and recommend policy changes. Tracy Avelar (CHDS Master’s cohort 1505/1506) is a Captain
with the Foster City CA Police Department. Her research focused on evaluating whether adopting PERF’s recommended standards would make a difference in practice and in public perception. This question is again coming to light with legislation being introduced in California to change the standard from ‘reasonable’ to ‘necessary’. The interview also includes reflections on my own actions when put in use of force scenarios.

Read Avelar’s thesis: Race to Force the Issue: A Use-of-Force Doctrine in Policing [pdf]

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  1. Lawrence Frost says:

    Excellent interview, a real eye opener!

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