PrepTalks: Financial Literacy and Overcoming Liquid Asset Poverty

FEMA PrepTalksIn his PrepTalk, John Hope Bryant makes an impassioned case for emergency managers to make financial literacy a priority in their communities. Some neighborhoods are in crisis before a disaster ever hits, he says. “Their problem is a number. [It’s] not a racial issue, not a political issue, not urban vs. rural,” Bryant says. “It’s 500 credit scores.”

Bryant is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Operation HOPE, Inc., the nonprofit provider of financial dignity education and economic empowerment programs. His recent focus is on working with banks and other community organizations to help individuals dramatically improve their credit score.

He also asks emergency managers to consider how disaster recovery dollars could improve the financial resilience of community members that live in poverty. Bryant is the author of the bestselling books, “The Memo: Five Rules for Your Economic Liberation” and “How the Poor can Save Capitalism: Rebuilding the Path to the Middle Class.”

Operation HOPE and FEMA work together to provide the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit to help people compile and safeguard critical documents. The Kit is available on FEMA’s website at



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