Episode 002: ISIS 2.0 – Finding the Missing Pieces of Mercury

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Dr. Anders Strindberg

Dr. David Brannan

Episode 002: Finding the Missing Pieces of Mercury

This episode features NPS instructors Anders Strindberg and David Brannan. They walk us through the challenges and changes of the Islamic State to terrorism within the United States. They also stress the need for building relationships across our communities.

Referenced resources: The Roots of our Children’s War: Identity and the War on Terrorism, by Brad Deardorff, and Cultural Intelligence: A Pathway for Emergency Responder Engagement with Ethnically Diverse Communities, by Frank Forman.

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  1. Paul Jara says:

    Great Podcast. “Community outreach shouldn’t be transactive.” Nice point!
    David and Anders are like the “Car-Talk” of terrorist studies. Entertaining and informative.

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