Root Cause Analysis

From the HSx Core Competencies collection.  This module provides a roadmap to understanding the process of root- cause analysis and how this technique can aid problem-solving and mitigate issue recurrence.

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Resource List

These resources provide a baseline of understanding, but as the strategic environment continues to evolve, new data will become available.

Literary Resources:

Other Scholastic Resources


  • Root Cause Analysis Overview: This PowerPoint presentation presents suggested steps for root-cause analysis and a distinction between proximate and root causes, as well as examples of application of the method.
  • Root Cause Analysis: A Tool for Improvement: This PowerPoint presentation examines root causes analysis as applied to systems.

Analytical Tools:

These materials were developed as an initiative of the Advanced Thinking in Homeland Security (HSx) curriculum at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security. HSx is an 18-month collaborative program from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security.

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