Climate Security and the Social Infrastructure

Video presentation at the 2016 APEX workshop (Alumni Professional Exchange). Eric Klinenberg

Future construction of the nation’s vital networks of roads, grids and bridges should also take into account future global temperature and sea level rise, Eric Klinenberg told APEX in a separate yet topically related presentation titled, “Resilience through Social Infrastructure.” Backed by data showing greenhouse gas emissions and global temperature as tightly related, Klinenberg said changes in weather patterns will necessitate new ways of building public utilities and vital business and social links and consider what he calls “social infrastructure.” Klinenberg is a Professor of sociology at New York University and is currently a fellow at Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. For the past two years, Klinenberg headed a project called Rebuild by Design that did just that, incorporate social values into critical infrastructure design in areas where it had failed during the mega-storms.

This resource is available to CHDS alumni and participants: video link

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