The National Education Training Center: Reflections on 2016 and Looking Forward

Video presentation at the 2017 APEX workshop (Alumni Professional Exchange). Scott Kelberg

CHDS Executive Leaders Program alumnus Scott Kelberg, Assistant Director of FEMA’s National Education and Training, briefed APEX attendees about the agency and its transition to a new presidential administration while also looking back on actions during 2016. Those actions included:

  • An update to the National Planning Framework was completed in June 2016, and aligns with the second education of the National Preparedness Goal released in October 2015.
  • The National Disaster Recovery Frameworks was reformatted to align with other frameworks and which clarified such things as the relationship and difference between prevention and protection areas.
  • The National Exercise Principle Objectives which were revised by the National Security Council Principles Committee.
  • The Joint Counterterrorism Joint Awareness Workshop Program continues its work in bringing tighter law enforcement, the fire services and emergency medical services to collaborate on response to small arms and small explosive attacks. Since 2011, 26 cities have participated.
  • A new National Preparedness Report was issued in May 2016 and identifies six core capabilities for improvement: cyber security; economic recovery; housing; infrastructure; national and cultural resources and supply chain integrity.

In addition, Kelberg noted the importance of CHDS educational programs to the nation.

“This is making a difference; it is reaching all levels of government,”


“It’s really producing the next group of leaders in our country and it is vital.”


This resource is available to CHDS alumni and participants: video link

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