Homeland Security Courses at Rosemont College

Resources from Rosemont College

Syllabus: HLS-3100 Introduction to Homeland Security

Course Description: This course provides an overview of the essential ideas that constitute the emerging discipline of homeland security. The objectives of the course are to expand students’ abilities to think critically, analyze and communicate the central tenants of homeland security from a social justice perspective. Students will examine the evolution of terrorist movements, strategies to combat terrorism, crisis management, response to conventional and non-conventional threats and the impact of heightened security and surveillance on individual rights and civil liberties.

Syllabus: HLS-4881 Multidisciplinary Approaches to Homeland Security

Course Description: the purpose of this course is to provide students with insight into the structural, conceptual, intellectual foundations and implications of a multi-disciplinary approach to homeland security.  Students will examine how the perceptions of homeland security varies among professionals in the field, the general public and differing ethnic, racial, religious and socio-economic groups.

Bibliography: HLS Core Reading and Research Documents 2017

These resources are available to participants in the University and Agency Partnership Initiative (UAPI) and requires a login (about the UAPI program).

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