Violent Salafi Jihadism

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palmieriLisa Palmieri (CHDS cohort 1402) is part of DHS working in intelligence and analysis.  In this episode of the Reflecting Pool podcast, Bijan and Lisa discuss how Violent Salafi Jihadism (VSJ) motivated the September 11 hijackers, but it is poorly understood by homeland security practitioners because of the muddled definitions that abound in the homeland security discourse.  She talks about the importance of using precise language to define this threat in order to achieve a common understanding of the VSJ movement and develop a unified national strategy is warranted.

Read Palmieri’s thesis: Would the U.S. Benefit From a Unified National Strategy to Combat Violent Salafi Jihadism? [pdf]

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  1. C. Posard says:

    Bijan – Painting Security with such a wide brush seems, early on, to connect everything to everything. This results in the absence of any useful point being made.

    I’m impressed with the data pooling, but the much of it is not unlike when we speak of A to understand what is meant by Security, we must also explore the rest of the alphabet including Z. This works if our subject is the alphabet. When it is Security the material comes down to all of existence, or a full-blown education about everything. It becomes a sentence with no period.

    Just sayin,

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