The Global Jihadi Threat: Islam in the West: Integration, Isolation, Radicalization

Nadav Morag

Module 5. In the final segment of his five-part series concerning Islamic extremism, Dr. Nadav Morag depicts the role of Islam in the West, as well as several challenges relating to the integration of Muslims into Western society. He evaluates the process of radicalization occurring in some Muslim communities in the West, and addresses the attendant threat of increasing “home-grown” Jihadist terrorism. Unfortunately, there is a collective anger amongst radicalized Western Muslims against both real and imagined discrimination. Also, the identity of “globalized Islam” now values emotion more so than logic – sensing something is more important than understanding it. This approach lends itself to the simplistic, literalist, and unquestioning attitude of the Jihadists. Thus, Western societies are faced with several challenges concerning the integration of Muslims. They must choose a method that will encourage their acceptance of pluralism, democracy, and moderate interpretations of Islam, while simultaneously allowing Muslims to give voice and form to their religious faith.

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  1. Robert Murphy says:

    Very good explanation of the history of Islam, which serves as a basis of understanding the Islamic culture and religion.

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