Counter-terrorism in the UK – Counterterrorism Structure and the Pursuit of Terrorists

Paul Jonathan Smith.

Updated 2017

Module 3. This final module in the series explores the British domestic counterterrorism structure, emphasizing the importance of interagency cooperation in UK counterterrorism operations. It touches on the role of the British Security Service (MI5), the Special Branches within each UK police force, the Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorism Command, and the Crown Prosecution Service. Additionally, it covers the organization of a major covert terrorist operation.

Lecture (video version)

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2 Responses

  1. Natasha H. says:

    Thank you for putting these videos together and introducing a rather complex structure of the British Intelligence infrastructure in a very digestible manner. It is an excellent add-on building block after the Intelligence Course and especially significant augmentation to Mark Lowenthall ‘s Intelligence Attack book in which he covers this issue as well.

    • Suzanne Tannenbaum says:

      I agree. It was a great addition to the reading that was presented in a different mode that made things more understandable and able to absorb.

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