Tribal Nation Integration into National Preparedness

Video presentation at the 2016 APEX workshop (Alumni Professional Exchange).

CHDS alumni Dr. Donald Reed: Deputy Chief, Civil Support Branch, U.S. Northern Command and Margaret Muhr: Regional Tribal Government Liaison, Department of Commerce, along with Steve Golubic: Consultant, tribal advocate, trainer, and educator, present to over 150 homeland security leaders at CHDS’ annual APEX workshop held in Monterey CA May 4-5.  These three experts highlight the gap between DHS and the 576 Tribal Nations in their efforts to coordinate Homeland Security emergency response and rescue.  Policies have been developed and implemented independently, without the consultation of both parties. The federal government and the sovereign Tribal Nations of America need to make a sincere effort to communicate and cooperate with one another to help solve the many homeland security challenges facing them today.

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