Homeland Security Affairs – December 2021 Issue

The December 2021 Issue of Homeland Security Affairs features a research article analyzing the differences in how police video is used in Canadian and American cities, a research article assessing the deterrence capability of different scanning technologies at border checkpoints, and an essay exploring the applicability of classical deterrence theory to WMD counterproliferation efforts in maritime security regimes.

In “South of the Border: Legal and Privacy Underpinnings of Canadian and U.S. Approaches to Police Video Usage,” Shawna Coxon and Don Zoufal examine the different approaches to Police Camera technology in Canada and the U.S., and the legal and privacy concerns that underlie such those differences in usage. In “Validating Deterrence Models for Scanning Technologies,” George Thompson assesses the potential capacity of different border checkpoint scanning technologies to deter smugglers. In “Classical Deterrence Theory: Applicable to Maritime Counterproliferation Initiatives?” Eric Taquechel examines the applicability of classical deterrence theory to maritime WMD counterproliferation programs.

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