About CHDS/Ed | Contribute Resources

This website is a resource of the University and Agency Partnership Initiative (UAPI) at the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS).

UAPI brings together institutions nationwide dedicated to advancing homeland security education. This effort seeks to increase the number and diversity of students receiving homeland security education, accelerate the establishment of high-quality academic programs, and provide opportunities for collaboration that create an intellectual multiplier effect that furthers the study of homeland security.

CHDS makes available through the partnership its curriculum, its Homeland Security Digital Library, and many other educational resources. In return, partners share their curriculum and specialized expertise with the UAPI partners and their students.  For this reason, partner institutions are welcome to post and distribute their homeland security resources through this website.

How to Post/Share your Educational Materials

If you are a UAPI partner, we will be happy to post and share educational materials for you. Simply email your request – with a draft of the content you would like to share – to Jodi Stiles, CHDS Director of Learning and Information Support Systems, at edumaterials@chds.us, or to Steve Recca, CHDS Co-Director of Partnership Programs at uapi@chds.us.  If you are a homeland security educator and would like to become a UAPI partner, learn more here.