Climate Security: A Pre-Mortem Approach to a Sustainable Global Future

Climate Security has been described as the defining threat of the 21st Century. John Comiskey and Michael Larrañaga take a “pre-mortem” look at this emerging challenge. In this Short Talk, they provide an unique framework for thinking through the global consequences we may face if the United States and other countries fail to recognize how climate change threatens our security and way of life. (Recorded on February 18, 2020, at the Annual CHDS Alumni APEX Workshop, Monterey, CA.)

About the Speakers

John G. Comiskey is an Associate Professor of Homeland Security at Monmouth University in New Jersey. Dr. Comiskey is a retired New York City Police Lieutenant and a retired U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Senior Chief Petty Officer. His professional experiences include patrol, narcotics, intelligence, counterterrorism, and event and crisis management. Dr. Comiskey holds a Bachelor of Science in History and a Master of Arts in Secondary Education from Queens College; a Master of Arts in Homeland Security from the Naval Postgraduate School; and a Doctor of Education from St. John Fisher College. He is co-founder of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s HSx Advanced Thinking in Homeland Security Program. Dr. Comiskey’s research interests include intelligence studies, and homeland security and criminal justice education. He may be reached at

Michael D. Larrañaga is President of R.E.M. Risk Consultants, a science-based risk management and critical infrastructure resilience consulting firm, that assists clients with understanding and mitigating operational and security risks. He has served as an appointed member of the Board of Scientific Counselors for the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the Department of Homeland Security First Responders Group. Dr. Larrañaga worked previously with Ramboll, a multi-national infrastructure and engineering firm, and was Professor of Fire Protection and Safety at Oklahoma State University (OSU). He holds a Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection and Safety from OSU; Master’s degrees in Environmental Science and Homeland Security from the University of Houston Clear Lake and the Naval Postgraduate School, respectively; and a Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech. He is co-founder of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s HSx Advanced Thinking in Homeland Security Program. He may be reached at

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