Challenges in Infrastructure Funding

This module provides a roadmap to understanding trends that have led to underfunding of infrastructure maintenance, potential impacts to the nation’s critical infrastructure systems, and current and emerging approaches and methods to funding infrastructure now and into the future.

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Resource List

These resources provide a baseline understanding of key issues related to the complex problem of infrastructure funding, and may be updated as new data becomes available.


  • American Society of Civil Engineers: Publishes the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, which is widely referenced in discussions of the condition of infrastructure assets and systems. The latest Infrastructure Report Cards and subreports can be accessed at, Web, 23 Mar 2017.
  • National League of Cities: Researches and publishes position papers on traditional and creative solutions to resolve infrastructure issues. Topics include bridges, power, roads, security, utilities and water systems. More information and access to the topical papers is available at, Web, 23 Mar 2017.
  • U.S. Government Accountability Office: Models state and local government sustainability on an annual basis. These simulations reveal long-term trends that burden these levels of government and make projections on their balances over the next 50 years. Current and past models and key reports are available at, Web, 23 Mar 2017.
  • Bipartisan Policy Center: Assesses policy issues including infrastructure and seeks to combine the best ideas to promote health, security, and opportunity for Americans. BPC publishes issue papers promoting policy decisions on issues of importance on a national basis and identifies other sources for addressing these issues. BPC’s infrastructure issue papers are available at, Web, 23 Mar 2017.

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These materials were developed as an initiative of the Advanced Thinking in Homeland Security (HSx) curriculum at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security.

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