The Future of Life: When Biology Is Technology

Dr. Tiffany Vora discusses moving into an era where biology and technology are not separate, noting the massive strides made in translating genetic code into computer code. Calling the 21st century the “Biology Age,” she notes the many uses of genetic technology, including the opportunity to combat climate change and provide true health care based on a person’s genetic code rather than simply sick care, as well as its potential use for terrorism and geopolitical conflict. Vora argues that the issue is a matter of national security given its rapid innovation and acknowledges that there remain key ethical questions to be answered about bio-technology, including the legality of its potential uses. 

About the Speaker

Tiffany J. Vora, PhD, is a Nonresident Fellow of the GeoTech Center of the Atlantic Council and Faculty and Vice Chair of Digital Biology and Medicine at Singularity University. She holds undergraduate degrees in Biology and Chemistry from New York University and a PhD in Molecular Biology from Princeton University. Dr. Vora previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry, was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the American University in Cairo, was an Instructor in Bioengineering at Stanford University, and founded two companies focused on science and tech communication. Tiffany is working to amplify the impact of women leaders in STEM through the Homeward Bound initiative and is fostering global conversations about humanity’s future with Humanity in Deep Space and ExploreMars.

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