Health Equity is a Homeland Security Issue

What is “health equity” and how is it a homeland security issue? William Pilkington provides a snapshot of the issues that impact the security of the American people as a result of public health inequities and the nation’s broken healthcare system. Despite these challenges, exciting innovative programs are being implemented around the country from mental health communities to smart shelters to corner stores in food deserts to improved access to healthcare solutions. The session gives a call to action with specific steps we can take to address the health equity problems and reduce the related homeland security risks. (Recorded on February 18, 2020, at the Annual CHDS Alumni APEX Workshop, Monterey, CA.)

About the Speaker

William Pilkington works on the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis for North Carolina Central University in the Julius L. Chambers Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute. He is the H.O.P.E. Program Director and directs research activities aimed at reducing racial disparities in healthcare. He began working at N.C.C.U. after completing almost forty years as the public health director for Cabarrus County, North Carolina and CEO of the Cabarrus Health Alliance. Dr. Pilkington received his undergraduate degree with honors in political science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He earned his four graduate degrees from the North Carolina State University, the University of Southern California, and the Naval Postgraduate School. At the University of Southern California, he completed his dissertation under the direction of CHDS Academic Programs Director Dr. Chris Bellavita.

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