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Adaptive SOPs

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Play the audio: [download the .mp3 file] Standard operating procedures (SOPs) guide emergency responders in a crisis, providing predetermined steps to manage anticipated events. However, modern disasters often manifest as complex systems and produce unanticipated outcomes.  As a consequence, the… Continue Reading →

The National Intelligence Management Council

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Video interview – Viewpoints. Anthony Vassalo In this viewpoints, Anthony Vassalo, Chair of the National Intelligence Management Council (NIMC), discusses how the Council supports the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in organizing and prioritizing issues for the 17… Continue Reading →

Homeland Security Affairs

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Newest articles in Volume XIII (2017) published in April.   The issue contains an essay which explores new approaches to non-strategic deterrence of terrorist attacks based on cognitive psychology and behavioral economics, and a research article which examines the extent to… Continue Reading →

The ABC’s of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

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Video interview – Viewpoints. Ramona Prieto What does the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control do, and what is its role in Homeland Security? In this interview, Ramona Prieto, Acting Director of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, discusses… Continue Reading →

Top Threats to America’s Infrastructure

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Video interview – Viewpoints. Tom Mackin For two grading periods in a row, the Army Corps of Engineers has awarded our nation’s infrastructure a “D”. But what are the top threats to our infrastructure? In this interview, Tom Mackin, instructor at… Continue Reading →

Seeing Eye Drones: How the DoD can Transform CBRN and Disaster Response in the Homeland

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016. Matt Jonkey. The threat of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) disasters is one of the most dangerous threats to the homeland. The United States has an opportunity to harness emerging technology to… Continue Reading →

Sociotechnical Identity influences threats to security?

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016. Seven Gerard. As man and machine have become ever more intertwined, technology is altering the perception of self-identity. This holds implications for homeland security. Sevan Gerard, a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Los Angeles Fire… Continue Reading →

Fracking: Unintended Consequences for Local Communities

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016. Chad Stangeland. The advent of hydraulic fracturing and the ability to bore horizontal wells have changed the energy industry for better and worse since 2005. Advancements have dramatically increased the extraction of oil… Continue Reading →

Theses from the NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security

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December 2016 theses released and available in the Homeland Security Digital Library.  The most recent outstanding thesis winner is Marcus Sexton, with his thesis work entitled “Forecasting Our Adversaries’ Next Move: Trend Analysis and the Department of Homeland Security’s Role in the… Continue Reading →

Grand Challenges in Homeland Security

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016. Cal Bowman. What global grand challenges we face today that will have an impact on the homeland security landscape twenty-five years from now? Today, a grand challenge is intended as a call-to-action for… Continue Reading →

Foreign Cyber Threats to the United States (annotated)

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On January 5, 2017, The Honorable James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, delivered a Joint Statement for the Record to the Senate Armed Services Committee on foreign cyber threats to the U.S. The Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School… Continue Reading →

Homeland Security @

Sticky post is an App Store of Homeland Security Ideas.  CHDS Master’s participants are publishing new stories for 2017. Edited by Rodrigo Nieto Gomez Exercise: homeland security blog-posts to Garcia: A strategic exercise on individual entrepreneurship. First, students read message to… Continue Reading →

Increasing Road Infrastructure Capacity through the use of Autonomous Vehicles

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016. Don Simko. Roadway infrastructure is a critical component to U.S. homeland security. Overland transportation affects the national economy, emergency services, defense, and communication systems. This thesis by Don Simko, Emergency Management Program Specialist… Continue Reading →

Self-Study Course: Social Network Analysis

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Course — website/web application. Developed in conjunction with Sean Everton, Co-Director and Michael Aspland, Faculty Associate for Research at the CORE Lab in the Defense Analysis Department at the Naval Postgraduate School This course is an introduction to social network analysis,… Continue Reading →

Moral Hazard in Flooding Disasters

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016 – Kevin Starbuck Thesis Title: “Moral Hazard: How the National Flood Insurance Program Limiting Risk Reduction” Moral hazard occurs when people do not assume the full risk of an action or decision; they… Continue Reading →

Unmanned Aerial Systems Policy

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016 – Brian Lee Thesis Title: “Protection, Profit, or Privacy: Exploring Strategic Solutions for Integrating Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and the Delicate Balance Between Commercial Opportunity and Public Safety” Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and… Continue Reading →

Self-Study Course: The Global Jihadi Threat

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Course — website/web application. Nadav Morag. [Updated Dec 2016] Islam is a faith of richness and complexity that has manifested itself over time in a broad variety of ways. Unfortunately, it is also used as the basis for the violent… Continue Reading →

Quantifying The Negative

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Play the audio: [download the .mp3 file] For most homeland security agencies, success is measured by preventing events. However, when it comes to budgets it can be hard to quantify what didn’t happen and make the case for continued funding…. Continue Reading →

Resilience in Homeland Security

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Video interview – Viewpoints. Dan O’Connor In this interview, Dan O’Connor, Director Field Operations for the Chief Security Officer at FEMA, talks about the importance of resilience in Homeland Security. The term “resilience” refers to the ability to adapt to… Continue Reading →

Using Collaboration to Understand Border Security and Cartels

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Video – 2016 CHDS Casual Conversations. Jaeson Jones. Jaeson Jones, Captain (ret) Texas Department of Public Safety, is interviewed in this first episode of a series of Casual Conversations with CHDS Alumni and other subject matter experts in Homeland Security…. Continue Reading →

CHDS Booklist

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Full book list for every course These are some of the text books assigned to Master’s students at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security in 2015-2017 courses. See the list for all current courses:

San Francisco Bay Area Earthquake Plan

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Video. CHDS has supported FEMA and Cal OES in the development of a video outlining the recently-released 2016 Bay Area Earthquake Plan. This short film is a visual introduction to the updated San Francisco Bay Area Catastrophic Earthquake Plan, which… Continue Reading →

Annotated Worldwide Threat Assessment 2016

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The Worldwide Threat Assessment has been presented to Congress annually by the Director of National Intelligence; and before that office was created, it was presented by the CIA Director in his position as the Director of Central Intelligence. This annual… Continue Reading →

Homeland Security Courses at Rosemont College

Resources from Rosemont College Syllabus: HLS-3100 Introduction to Homeland Security Course Description: This course provides an overview of the essential ideas that constitute the emerging discipline of homeland security. The objectives of the course are to expand students’ abilities to… Continue Reading →

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