Watermark Winter/Spring 2023 Issue Now Available

With a focus on mental health and wellness, the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s Watermark Winter/Spring 2023 issue is arriving in mailboxes and is also available digitally on the CHDS website.

This issue of the CHDS alumni magazine explores with a handful of experts the unique mental health challenges faced by first responders and emergency services providers in the homeland security enterprise as a result of the daily stress of their jobs, along with the challenges of a historic pandemic and its aftermath, an epidemic of mass shootings, natural disasters, and increasingly complex challenges. 

While acknowledging the stigma and resistance that often accompanies admitting we need help and support in our jobs, Watermark also examines suggestions for improving access to mental health and wellness support and resources by making it an industry priority. 

We can’t help others if we can’t help ourselves. 

Also in this issue of Watermark

  • A groundbreaking collaboration between the Center for Homeland Defense and Security and the U.S. Department of Defense on the Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative allowing CHDS Master’s students to analyze defense technology for potential civilian agency use.  
  • Launch of a newly upgraded Homeland Security Digital Library website.   
  • Checking in with a few of the scores of CHDS alums working in university higher education.  
  • Celebrating an award honoring longtime Naval Postgraduate School librarian Greta Marlatt.  
  • Launching the new CHDS Strategic Communications project ProPages offering alumni, faculty, students, and staff the opportunity to highlight their career accomplishments and more on a publicly accessible webpage.  
  • And a look back at the 15th annual Homeland Defense and Security Education Summit hosted by CHDS’ University and Agency Partnership Program.  

If you would like to be included in a future issue of Watermark, please send us your personal and/or career updates, story ideas, promotions, photos, and publications.  

We at CHDS are always happy to hear from our alumni about what’s happening in their lives and their work in homeland security, public safety, and emergency management.  

Watermark is the Alumni Magazine of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School.  

Past issues are available here.

INQUIRIES: Heather Hollingsworth Issvoran, Communications and Recruitment | hissvora@nps.edu, 831-402-4672 (PST)

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