The Pacific Executive Leaders Program (PELP) Speaker Series

The Pacific Executive Leaders Program (PELP) Speaker Series brings together leaders from the government, private sector, and NGOs to hear about relevant topics of interest to the Pacific.

Loss of Institutional Knowledge in Emergency Management and Homeland Security: Curse or Blessing?

March 8, 2021

Professional disciplines have often decried the loss of institutional knowledge as a hindrance or obstacle that will lead that community to future tragedy in its performance and effectiveness. But is this assertion backed in credible evidence, observed experience or even compelling anecdotal stories? Or does an evolution from old knowledge to new create opportunities and innovations that would not have been otherwise possible? This short session explored the true effects and consequences and offers a thoughtful analysis of this dynamic.

This installment of the PELP Speaker Series was an interactive discussion with a live virtual audience. To view recorded topics similar to this session, please visit the Executive Education Program’s Lecture and Webinar Series.

Glen Woodbury
Center for Homeland Defense and Security
Naval Postgraduate School

Speaker Bio

Embracing Emergency Management

March 9, 2021

Emergency Management, a separate and discreet discipline or set of skills, knowledge, thoughts and perspectives? As the size, scope, and complexity of today’s crises increase, understanding the tenets and ways of contemporary emergency management may very well be an organizational and operational imperative.

Recorded Seminar:

James G. Featherstone
Principal Consultant, Themata Strategic LLC
(former) Executive Director
Los Angeles Homeland Security Advisory Council

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