Longtime NPS Librarian Honored by U.S. Secret Service CHDS Alums

In her more than three decades as a librarian, the much-lauded Greta Marlatt can’t remember being honored like she was on Friday, Dec. 16. 

That’s when a couple of U.S. Secret Service agents, who are also Center for Homeland Defense and Security alums, surprised the longtime Naval Postgraduate School librarian at Dudley Knox Library in Monterey, CA, with an honorary plaque recognizing her service on behalf of CHDS students. 

Presented by U.S. Secret Service Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge at Washington D.C. headquarters Chris Gojcz, who had just graduated with the CHDS Master’s cohort 2103/2104 earlier in the day, and U.S. Secret Service Special Agent in Charge in the San Francisco field office Shawn Bradstreet (Master’s cohort 1803/1804), the plaque read “Presented in Appreciation to Greta Marlatt, Outreach & Academic Support Manager, Dudley Knox Library, Naval Postgraduate [School] Program, for outstanding assistance and support on behalf of the investigative and protective responsibilities of the United States Secret Service, 2022.” 

Gojcz said the U.S. Secret Service wanted to recognize Marlatt on behalf of the many agents who had graduated from CHDS educational programs and for her “unwavering support” for the agency and its CHDS alums.  

From left: U.S. Secret Service agent Shawn Bradstreet, NPS librarian Greta Marlatt, U.S. Secret Service agent Chris Gojcz, NPS Provost Dr. Scott Gartner, and CHDS Director Glen Woodbury

“It really has to do with quiet leaders,” he said. “People who you can depend on throughout the (educational process). She supported me throughout my own (Master’s) thesis process. All U.S. Secret Service CHDS alumni talk about Greta and they told me, ‘Make sure you get to know her.’” 

NPS Provost and Academic Dean Scott Gartner, who joined a group of about two dozen people including CHDS Director Glen Woodbury at the plaque presentation, expressed appreciation to the U.S. Secret Service for honoring Marlatt’s talent and dedicated service to all students on campus. 

Marlatt said she was “very surprised and very humbled” by the honor. “It means a great deal to me and it was awfully nice of them to go to the trouble of doing this. I’ve been nominated for other awards but this was special. I’ve never had anything like this.” 

She said she remembers working with both Gojcz and Bradstreet, and generally working “very closely with the Secret Service folks,” who she added, “take their studies very seriously.” 

The closest thing to the plaque presentation Marlatt said she had ever experienced was when a group of CHDS alums from the FDNY and NYPD showed up in uniform in her honor at a gala reception a decade ago where she was presented with the “2012 I Love My Librarian Award” from the New York Times and Carnegie Corporation recognizing the nation’s top librarians. 

Marlatt has more than 30 years of experience working in libraries in various capacities, including manager of the CHDS Homeland Security Digital Library, and as a member of the editorial board of the Homeland Security Affairs Journal.  

She has served as a member of the Special Library Association and the American Library Association, and has received several awards including the 2019 Federal Librarian of the Year Award  from the Library of Congress Federal Library and Information Network, the Armed Forces Librarians Roundtable Achievement Award and the Navy’s Meritorious and Superior Civilian Service awards. 

And, she has published several articles and authored a number of bibliographies and help guides for topics ranging from Boko Haram, Suicide Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terrorism to Intelligence, Mine Warfare, and more. 

Marlatt earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Arizona State University, a Master of Library Science Degree from the University of Arizona, and a Master of Arts Degree in National Security from California State University San Bernardino.

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