Eric M. Stancliff, Captain, Montgomery County Police Department

 I applied to attend NPS at the urging of my supervisor and NPS Masters Program graduate Mike Ward.  I didn’t feel I had the time to dedicate to the masters program and he recommend I apply for the Executive Leaders Program.  I was looking for a way to improve my resume and be more competitive in the promotional process with my department.  Additionally, working with an agency that boarders Washington D.C., I believed it would provide me with a lot of good information to be aware of when considering potential terrorist threats.  What I did not expect was all of the great networking that has taken place with outstanding people that work within public safety from all over the Country.  I have been able to reach out to classmates with expertise in an area for assistance on several occasions already.  The people who run the program, teach the classes, and attend the program are absolutely the best part of the program.  They will continue to be a reliable resource long after we conclude our studies here at Monterey.” Eric M. Stancliff Captain Montgomery County Police Department

Nick Savage – Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC), Federal Bureau of Investigation

I truly believe the strength of this program is in the quality of people sitting in the classroom. The topics and presenters were simply outstanding; but the internal discourse and subsequent enduring conversations were, and are, vital to this program. For me personally, I now can say that I am a much better critical thinker, due in part to having heard so many differing and well-informed perspectives. Not only can I see more of the problem, I now have the ability and perspective to consider different options and solutions. ELP is outstanding and I will carry this experience with me forever.” Nick Savage Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Federal Bureau of Investigation

Gene McCarthy – Deputy Inspector, NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau, Critical Response Command

This program has broadened my ability to evolve as a leader. Listening to both speakers and classmates voice their positions, I find myself being able to analyze and make comprehensive decisions quickly and efficiently. Additionally, I have allowed myself to delegate tasks to subordinates that I not necessarily would have in the past. The ability to do this reinforces my commitment to trusting them, their ideas, and their ability to lead. Setting the vision and having others fill in the ‘how’ has moved my command to the next level.” Gene McCarthy Deputy Inspector NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau Critical Response Command

Erin Parks – Head of Security and Emergency Preparedness, Sterling Bay

As one of the two private sector members of my ELP cohort, I expected the pressure to be on, to prove myself and fit in. But from day one, our group of emergency managers, law enforcement officers, senior government representatives, and fire professionals melded together perfectly. Full of class participation, upbeat debates, and humor made for an amazing experience that I won’t soon forget. The contacts made, friendships fostered, and the experience was truly second to none.” Erin Parks Head of Security and Emergency Preparedness Sterling Bay

Laura Kavanagh – First Deputy Fire Commissioner, Fire Department of City of New York

The CHDS-NPS Executive Leaders Program is tremendously valuable and unique in the realm of homeland security. The instructors are truly experts in their fields, and they have tailored the program to the varied needs of public servants working across the country. From speaking to FDNY members who graduated from this course before me, I knew going in it was going to be an extremely rewarding experience; and it surpassed my high expectations. I feel fortunate and honored to have had this educational experience and the opportunity to connect with leaders in government agencies at city, state, and federal levels. The course made an impact on me, and know it will greatly benefit the Department and our life-saving mission.” Laura Kavanagh First Deputy Fire Commissioner Fire Department of City of New York

AJ Schall – Director, Delaware Emergency Management Agency

I have had the ability to participate in great courses and seminars over my 25 years of corporate and public safety career. The content of the ELP was a great mid-career program to ensure my critical thinking skills are ready for the next 20. On top of the great course curriculum, the partnerships and friendships fostered were amazing and have already been used to benefit organizations in Delaware. I have raved about CHDS and happy that others from Delaware are participating in the next cohort.” AJ Schall Director Delaware Emergency Management Agency