Ben Haiman – Executive Director, Professional Development Bureau, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department

The Naval Postgraduate School’s Executive Leadership Program is a fantastic opportunity for homeland security practitioners to learn and discuss significant issues and emerging trends in homeland security. The program afforded access to robust discussion and dialogue and to learn at the hands of exceptional faculty. The curriculum covered the gamut from climate change to terrorism, hate groups, and topics such as strategic thinking. It challenged each practitioner to think differently about our roles in our respective agencies and how we all contribute to the broader homeland security mission. I highly endorse this program and would encourage all of my agencies executive leadership and those broadly in the homeland security field to apply.” Ben Haiman Executive Director Professional Development Bureau D.C. Metropolitan Police Department

Jeanne Benincasa Thorpe – Director of Emergency Preparedness for Public Health, Plymouth Public Health Department

I am in a newly appointed position which far exceeded my expectations however I strongly believe that participating in the ELP at the Naval Postgraduate School provided me the training in leadership and knowledge of international and domestic homeland security issues needed for this position. Thank you and your team for all that you have given me to achieve this incredible position in Massachusetts!” Jeanne Benincasa Thorpe Director of Emergency Preparedness for Public Health Plymouth Public Health Department