Richard Hildreth, CPCB RSF – Local Government Expert, DHS – FEMA

One of the first things said in my Executive Leaders Program cohort was that this class would not teach us what to think, but it would teach us how to think. No matter what environment we find ourselves working in, knowing how to think is a critically important skill. There are times when the box works, times when you need to think out of the box and times when it is more appropriate to toss the box off to the side. Instructors at CHDS help facilitate the ability to accurately perceive which time it is.” Richard Hildreth CPCB RSF – Local Government Expert DHS – FEMA

Eric E. Holdeman, Principal, Eric Holdeman & Associates

Working professionals in the emergency management and homeland security who serve in leadership positions do not normally have the opportunity to network with and engage in meaningful discussions with their peers from across the United States in a cross discipline manner. NPS provides an ideal forum for adult learning styles where people learn from one another and consider issues that are presented by a cross section of other working professionals and sometimes academics. These sessions/classes that supplement the professional readings that are part of the course curriculum facilitate professional development when many in our profession do not have the time or opportunity to have this learning experience as working professionals.” Eric E. Holdeman Principal Eric Holdeman & Associates

Mark Frankford, Captain, U.S. Coast Guard

I applied to the CHDS Executive Leaders Program because I saw it as an opportunity to broaden my understanding of the complex world of homeland security beyond my niche in the U.S. Coast Guard and the federal government. I benefited greatly from both the superb content of the week-long programs at CHDS and the time spent with my fellow participants who work at the executive level in a wide array of homeland security positions across federal, state and local governments, as well as industry and private practice. The knowledge, understanding and perspective I gained as a Coast Guard homeland security and defense leader is priceless.” Mark Frankford Captain U.S. Coast Guard

Melissa Hyatt, Colonel, Baltimore Police Department

The Executive Leaders Program has been the best professional opportunity that I’ve had to study the challenges and trends in homeland security. I feel fortunate that I was selected to be in such a diverse cohort of experts in varied disciplines along with seasoned and engaged instructors. This experience allowed me to reflect upon my own capabilities and to increase knowledge through the expertise of qualified classmates and exceptional instructors. I am leaving ELP with innovative notions on the future of homeland security as well as a clearer picture of what my own role might be in that arena.”

From Jeff Robertson, Commander, Texas Rangers, Special Operations Group

“The challenges and asymmetrical threats presented to Homeland Security leaders today are far more complicated and complex than ever before.  The answer to finding solutions to these challenges and threats lie in creating networks of professionals across the multidisciplinary fields within the Homeland Security community. The natural isolation of our culture leads to silos of information.  NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security Executive Leaders program builds and strengthens interagency collaboration designed to break down the silos of information leading to effective collaborative problem solving with a better understanding of the many perspectives of executive leaders from the multidisciplinary fields in Homeland Security.”

From Thomas Carney, Director of Police Services (Ret.), North Miami Beach Police Department

The Naval Post Graduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense and Security, Executive Leaders Program, offered a real-world insight into the fight against hate of all types in both domestic and international settings. The quality of the instructors was outstanding and the networking opportunities were invaluable. The training highlighted the ELP’s tremendous expertise in this area. Their commitment to this topic is unsurpassed. Having this new knowledge base along with a solid partnership with the CHDS definitely assisted our agency in our efforts to better protect our community.