Laura Pearson – Acting Director, Office of Administration

I applied to the ELP in order to benefit from executive-level education at one of our nation’s premier educational institutions, while also expanding my network of professional contacts.  While the program provided that, I have been blown away by all the less obvious benefits of the program—most significantly, the program changed the way that I analyze and approach homeland security problems.  ELP substantially enhanced my ability to assess the broader implications of homeland security issues, including the challenges faced by the state, local, and private sector.  ELP enabled me to more readily perceive cross-sector and interagency solutions to vexing homeland security problems.  I am looking forward to contributing to Naval Postgraduate School’s active alumni program, and continuing to reap the benefits of my participation in this program for many years to come.  Thanks again to the ELP team for your hard work in creating and sustaining this important program for homeland security executives.” Laura Pearson Acting Director Division of Facilities and Security Office of Administration

James Sheerin, Deputy Inspector, New York City Police Department

I consider myself fortunate to have been selected and experienced the CHDS-NPS Executive Leaders Program. It gave me the opportunity to learn from my fellow cohort members and presenters, who all had a great deal of experience and expertise in their fields. It truly was a rewarding experience and I would highly recommend this program to any executive who wants to further there knowledge on a multitude of Homeland Security issues.” James Sheerin Deputy Inspector New York City Police Department Citywide Counterterrorism Unit Patrol Borough Queens North  

Chris O’Quinn, Chief, Southern Division California Highway Patrol

I applied to the program because I wanted to expand my law enforcement experience beyond the parameters of my current exposure within my department. The information I received during the program has done just that. Not only have I expanded my scope of experience, I also have developed a vast network of professionals and friends that I can call on. Information sharing and the practical knowledge and application of Homeland Security concepts provided during the program will benefit me greatly in my current assignment, as well as any endeavor I undertake in the future. I would strongly recommend the Executive Leadership Program to all executives in the public or private sector.” Chris O’Quinn Chief, Southern Division California Highway Patrol

Mark M. Zito, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Homeland Security Investigations Orange County

It was such an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to attend the CHDS-NPS Executive Leaders Program. I applied for this program because of past alumni I know who have attended and I believe as a leader you should always better yourself and step up to new challenges. The fact that the application process is so extensive and competitive was another reason that I wanted to take the challenge. I know for my agency it is very competitive to get selected for this, so it was a great honor for me to represent HSI. The highlights of the program were meeting and getting close to such a diverse group of people and agencies throughout the government. It really made me think differently on the various topics that we covered throughout this program. I also got a lot out of the after class media session, which has proven to help me already in my current position. I feel that should be a mandatory session if possible. ” Mark M. Zito Assistant Special Agent in Charge Homeland Security Investigations Orange County – Orange County

Richard Hildreth, CPCB RSF – Local Government Expert, DHS – FEMA

One of the first things said in my Executive Leaders Program cohort was that this class would not teach us what to think, but it would teach us how to think. No matter what environment we find ourselves working in, knowing how to think is a critically important skill. There are times when the box works, times when you need to think out of the box and times when it is more appropriate to toss the box off to the side. Instructors at CHDS help facilitate the ability to accurately perceive which time it is.” Richard Hildreth CPCB RSF – Local Government Expert DHS – FEMA

Paul Luizzi, Fire Chief Goodyear, Fire Department

One of the best homeland security and public safety Executive Leadership Programs in the country. I really enjoyed learning from the facility and the cohort colleagues. I created many new peers and friends that otherwise I would have not the chance to meet.” Paul Luizzi Fire Chief Goodyear Fire Department