CHDS hosts Cyber Curriculum Forum

Today’s leaders face a wide range of threats that remain poised to disrupt society. But not all threats are manifested as physical challenges—they are also charged with fighting the evolving threat of cyber-related challenges. New technologies have altered the ways in which information is collected, analyzed, and stored. The continual advancement of technology provides us with modern conveniences that make society function more efficiently, but that same technology can be leveraged against us. So, the demand for security in the cyber realm is a growing and necessary trend that needs to be explored.

Recognizing this, the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) recently brought together a select group of senior homeland security officials, subject matter experts, and CHDS alumni to consider new and emergent subject matter in the field of cyber security. The Cyber Curriculum Forum was held May 16 at Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) in Arlington, VA. Some of the topics included Cyber Security Futures 2025 by David Kaufman (Vice President and Director of Safety & Security at CNA), Threat Environment and National Policy by Tom Bossert (National Security Analyst for ABC News), and Legal Considerations by Paul Rosenzweig (Founder of Red Branch Consulting).

It’s important to have these types of discussions because the topics could eventually become the foundation that enables the CHDS Executive Education Program to engage and inform the Nation’s homeland security leaders on cyber-related challenges. The overarching goal of the forum is to integrate knowledge of trending cyber threats into course curriculum.