CHDS hosts Communications Curriculum Forum

As the platforms for communications continue to grow and technology becomes even more embedded in our daily operations, homeland security leaders are tasked with navigating the increasingly-complex landscape of communications to collect and disseminate vital information. In light of these challenges, the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) hosted a Communications Curriculum Forum on April 29–30 at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. The Forum brought together a unique group of senior homeland security officials, subject matter experts, and CHDS alumni to discuss emerging topics in the field of communications.

By exploring new trends in an open forum with an accomplished group of experts, CHDS is able to establish a baseline of ideas that will be developed into educational curriculum for the Executive Education Program. The forum participants represent a diverse group of professionals that can engage and inform the nation’s homeland security leaders on these integral topics. While the expectation of immediate, accurate, and transparent communications has never been higher, we need to arm leaders with the tools to connect and communicate successfully with their target audiences.

In advance of the Forum, participants were asked to review relevant articles and other materials that addressed the study of communications. During the event, participants met in plenary sessions and small groups to identify the most significant topics in strategic messaging, media, information, and communications technologies. The Executive Education Program will also benefit by applying participants’ input on effective instructional methods that hit home with homeland security leaders. Some of the agenda topics included: Psychology and Bias in Receiving Communications; How Can Community Leaders Promote Media Literacy and Achieve Credibility?; and Exploration into the Evolving Communication and Information Environment.

The Communications Curriculum Forum was such a resounding success that CHDS will host a second forum focusing on the topic of Cyber Security Curriculum on May 16 at the Center for Naval Analyses in Arlington, Virginia.