Laura Pearson – Acting Director, Office of Administration

I applied to the ELP in order to benefit from executive-level education at one of our nation’s premier educational institutions, while also expanding my network of professional contacts.  While the program provided that, I have been blown away by all the less obvious benefits of the program—most significantly, the program changed the way that I analyze and approach homeland security problems.  ELP substantially enhanced my ability to assess the broader implications of homeland security issues, including the challenges faced by the state, local, and private sector.  ELP enabled me to more readily perceive cross-sector and interagency solutions to vexing homeland security problems.  I am looking forward to contributing to Naval Postgraduate School’s active alumni program, and continuing to reap the benefits of my participation in this program for many years to come.  Thanks again to the ELP team for your hard work in creating and sustaining this important program for homeland security executives.”

Laura Pearson
Acting Director
Division of Facilities and Security
Office of Administration