Brian D. Heslin, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, HSI – Boston

The Center for Homeland Defense & Security (CHDS) Masters Program is an extremely challenging, yet very rewarding programing. The educational aspects of the program are outstanding as they challenge the student to go outside their comfort zone and study areas one may not normally ponder during their career. While the education portion of the program is the reason one applies, the interaction one obtains with other members of the cohort brings tremendous value. In my class I encountered individuals from across the nation in various positions each of whom brought their own experiences and perspectives. Over the 18th month program the cohort came together as a team, supporting each other through the challenging academic curriculum and real life events that occurred during that time. The cohort becomes a family that will be with you long after graduation. As a career government employee, I’m truly thankful that the agency participates in programs like CHDS. Throughout my career I often thought of pursuing a high education, yet never had the right time or opportunity to do so. The agencies participation in this program provided me that opportunity. For those considering this program, go for it. Yet be aware it is no cake walk. You will be challenged, stressed and at time utterly confused. Yet the dedicated educational staff at CHDS and the cohort family you will encounter will get you through it. In the end you will obtain a Master’s Degree and apply those newly obtained skills to your profession. A long trip, yet one worth taking.”

Brian D. Heslin

Assistant Special Agent in Charge

Homeland Security Investigations-Boston