Craig Schwartz, Captain, Santa Rosa Police Department

I began looking for a Master’s degree program in 2015, looking for something that would be relevant for my job now and in the future. My Chief of Police suggested applying to the CHDS program through the Naval Postgraduate School. I got my Bachelor’s Degree from the Naval Academy, so I was immediately enthusiastic. The application process was rigorous, and I was not accepted into the program until about a year after I applied. It was the best educational experience I have had since attending USNA almost 28 years ago. The faculty and staff are fantastic, as were the members of my cohort. I loved our time together during the in-residence sessions in the National Capitol Region, and miss our discussions, classes, and networking already, just a month after graduating. I gained a broader view of homeland security and my agency’s place in the enterprise. I wrote my thesis on a topic I could apply immediately at work, and I hope my thesis work will benefit other law enforcement agencies across the country as they look to implement unmanned aircraft or other controversial technologies.

If you are thinking about applying to this program, do it! It will be both difficult and one of the best experiences of your life.”

Craig Schwartz
Santa Rosa Police Department