Caroline Whalen, County Administrative Officer, King County Department of Executive Services

Thank you all for sharing your insights and expertise with King County leadership last week. Executive Constantine and his cabinet were extremely impressed with the professionalism and high level of engagement your team fostered during the half-day seminar.

We are already at work reviewing emergency plans and policies with the insights you helped inspire: de-conflicting intra- and inter-governmental protocols and making other moves to be better prepared for the next major incident in our region. Your encouraging words and open-ended thinking about our collaborative efforts among both public and private sector leaders – particularly in the areas of public health, hazard mitigation, and long-term recovery – were very much appreciated.

As we look toward the future, please let us know if your program would like any information or assistance that can help make your seminars, or other products, even more beneficial for those you seek to serve.”

Caroline Whalen
County Administrative Officer
King County Department of Executive Services