MET Team Begins 5th Year of Executive Education

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The Executive Education Program has entered its fifth year of providing provocative policy seminars to senior executives through the Mobile Education Team (MET) effort. Since 2003, the MET has conducted over 75 sessions reaching nearly 2500 executives and senior leadership of state and local jurisdictions.

These seminars continue to explore the policy and strategic issues required to achieve homeland security objectives and offer a unique opportunity to discuss and debate the most pressing challenges facing state and local governments. The Homeland Security Affairs Journal recently published an article entitled “Learning Homeland Security – How One Executive Education Program Engages State and Local Officials.” The article describes in more depth the need, approach and lessons learned from the MET sessions that have been conducted to date. [1]

The most recent MET was conducted in Port Huron, Michigan with officials from the U.S. and Canada participating. Many jurisdictions, including Canada’s Ministry of the Interior, discussed issues confronting both countries. When asked about his expectations for the MET, Bill Kauffman, Director of the Metropolitan Planning Commission for St. Clair County said, “I expected that policy makers would get a clear understanding and appreciation for the unique problems and challenges we face. I hoped for progress to be made and it happened.” He added that the most valuable aspect of the MET was that many of the agencies on both sides of the border sat down together and found they had a lot in common. Now they know each other and have a line of communication they may not have had before.

The MET program is now scheduling events for 2007. Contacts for scheduling Executive Education Programs:

Director: Stan McKinney

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