Bruce Hoffman Featured Speaker at CHDS Annual Conference

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Dr. Bruce Hoffman was the featured speaker at the CHDS Annual Conference held at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey on January 4 and 5, 2007. Dr. Hoffman, Professor of Security Studies at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service delivered a presentation entitled, “Salifis in Suburbia, What the London 7/7/05 Bombings Tell Us About Al Qaeda & The Terrorist Threat.

Dr. Hoffman’s presentation was the finding from his current research on radicalization and terrorism. He gave detailed background information on the issues, people and circumstances that surrounded the British 7/7 bombing. From these and coupled with his intimate and encyclopedic knowledge of terrorism, terrorists and political violence of all types, Hoffman gave the audience an analysis that suggested al-Qaeda far from being on the run, is rather, on the march. Recent prevailing knowledge has been to suggest that rather than AQ central being in control of Salifis attacks – that portion of AQ led by bin-laden and Zawahiri in Afghanistan and Pakistan – that the problem is springing up through various forms of self-radicalization of Islamic converts in the West. Hoffman’s presentation showed clearly from both recent history and current information that while Islamic conversion and radicalization is occurring in the West and is in some cases leading to political violence, at the same time, AQ Central maintains significant ability to influence attacks today.

Dr. Hoffman’s visit was highly anticipated. Jay Hagen, CHDS Alum, says “After reading his book, having him speak on current events and put them into context was a rare opportunity. The occasion to interact with him in small group settings and participate with him in an academic discussion was truly unique.”

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