TSA’s Office of Intelligence Participates in One-Week Executive Course

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Recently, the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security completed its first offering of a one week executive course to Transportation Security Administration’s Office of Intelligence at the TSA Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. The course was delivered to senior intelligence analysts and transportation sector operations managers to increase their insights and understanding of the policies, organizational challenges and opportunities in Homeland Security Intelligence.

“The well informed presentations and discussions provided a wealth of information and insight that has immediate application in my responsibilities at TSA,” said Thomas Farmer, Deputy General Manager of Mass Transit.

The pilot program proved to be a success and will be offered again in October. Target participants will be selected internally by TSA and will include line intelligence analysts and managers.

The TSA intelligence course examined:

  • The Intelligence Community’s (IC) capabilities and limitations;
  • The IC’s role in Homeland Security;
  • Interagency coordination and the flow of Intelligence for Homeland Security;
  • Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA) of 2004;
  • How best to integrate an intelligence strategy for Homeland Security among first responders, defense, private sectors and emergency management communities;
  • How to define and understand state and local intelligence processes;
  • Understanding the intelligence requirements for the transportation sector; and
  • Recommendations for process improvement and reinvention to better integrate Domestic and Foreign intelligence.

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