CHDS Welcomes Newest Masters Degree Candidates

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The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Center for Homeland Defense and Security is pleased to welcome thirty of its newest master’s degree participants. This marks the twelfth class of homeland security professionals who have been selected to undertake homeland security graduate studies at the NPS Center.

The class is comprised of federal, state, and local officials from diverse disciplines including law enforcement, public health, fire, emergency management, and public health. The class also includes leaders from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and U.S. Northern Command. It is the first time CHDS has enrolled participants from the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. This unique representation is essential in strengthening the interagency and intergovernmental relationships that homeland security requires.

Participants will be in-residence at NPS for two weeks each quarter throughout the duration of the 18-month program. They will complete the remainder of their coursework via web-based distance learning tools. The master’s program prepares leaders to develop the policies, strategies, programs and organizational arrangements to prevent and respond to terrorist attacks and other disasters and builds national preparedness through education. Participants complete a thesis on actual policy issues confronting their jurisdiction, sponsoring organization or the nation. Many theses have become national “best practices” and are being implemented by agencies around the country to solve homeland security challenges.

The NPS Center educates five classes per year; three at the NPS campus in Monterey, CA and two at the program’s National Capital Region location in Shepherdstown, WV. More than 200 leaders have earned a degree at NPS since the program was launched in January 2003. This class will join a growing network of professionals who are shaping the nation’s homeland security system.

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