Manny Morales, Major, Miami Police Department

As a local police executive, I recognized the importance of enhancing my ability to address the emerging unconventional threats to our communities in Miami. I applied to CHDS because of its reputation as the nation’s premier educator in the field of homeland security. The rigorous academic program has allowed me to enhance my critical thinking and problem-solving skills while creating a solid network of homeland security practitioners available to assist by offering a unique perspective on the challenges impacting our nation.

The program is designed to bring together members from numerous governmental entities with expertise in various disciplines that allowed me the opportunity to view challenges to other professions and jurisdictions. The course material is designed to push you out of your comfort zone and expose you to scenarios that necessitate progressive thinking. If you are looking for an opportunity to attain a degree in higher education with the prospect to conduct research on a problem impacting your jurisdiction with the assistance of a world-class faculty, then this is the program for you.

CHDS offers a cost-free way to enhance the organization’s ability to develop the skills of their personnel to aid in their mission, regardless of their position or responsibility in the agency. The knowledge attained in the master’s program will enhance the aptitude of their team to effectively address the challenges they will face as part of the homeland security enterprise.”