Mark Molinari, Captain, NYPD

I initially applied for the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security Masters in homeland security program based on scholarship publications from the NYPD. As I spoke to colleagues and former cohort members, I was amazed at their experiences and the glow on their faces when they spoke about it. The program gave me a new respect for homeland security and the professionals in the field. There are so many benefits for those who dare to take the challenge of the program- the knowledge of the professors, the diverse background, collegiality and experiences of the cohort members, and the dedication of the staff to help every participant succeed.  I learned in the program that homeland security influences every part of everyday life. The relevancy and timeliness of the curriculum is demonstrated in the statement I made every time the cohort gathered for our in-residence sessions, “This course syllabus is written and re-written every day in the real world.”