Rick DeLorie, Fire Chief and Emergency Management Wellesley, Massachusetts

The Executive Leadership Program has broadened my ability to see leadership as a continual process of development. Listening to both speakers and classmates discuss current challenges through the lens of their professions has enlightened my perspective on their leadership approach and experiences within their organizations. I have truly appreciated their valuable knowledge but most grateful for their camaraderie , humor and friendship. There’s no question ELP1902 and other ELP alumni will be excellent resources for solutions for years into the future.

I will encourage my subordinates and others to attend the Emerging Leaders Program or the Executive Leaders Program to enhance their leadership skills and develop their resource network. I will continue to delegate functions to subordinates to learn and encourage them to encourage their subordinates to develop a culture of leadership development within the organization. Demonstrating your commitment to professional development for yourself and your staff reinforces the value of leaders to need the proper knowledge, skills and ability to lead. I highly recommend the Executive Leadership Program.”

Rick DeLorie
Fire Chief and Emergency Management
Wellesley, Massachusetts