From Jeffrey Nelson – Captain, Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office

I applied to the program on the encouragement of a colleague from my agency who attended. He shared his experience with me and the nature of the program. After looking into it further myself, it seemed to me a “real world” and contemporary discipline with a clear nexus and application to my profession. Like many first responders we are responsible for overall emergency management in our jurisdiction, and this seemed like a great fit. What I took from the program was the exposure and education, not only from curriculum and materials, but from the classmates with whom I developed relationships. I believe the academic rigor also enhanced my critical thinking and ability to research and look at multiple viewpoints. I got away from the day-to-day, insular nature of my field of law enforcement, and was exposed to insights from numerous disciplines, regions and viewpoints. I’m certain that I would not have gained that broad a perspective from anywhere else. I know I can contact any number of folks from my cohort or other alumni or faculty for advice and input on issues we might be facing in my jurisdiction and agency. That is great take away for me and the agency.