From David Brown – Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC), TSA-Federal Air Marshal Service

Eighteen months ago, I thought I was relatively smart, critical and analytical…17 months ago I knew I wasn’t. What the program did for me on a personal level was to force me to be able to not only generate a critique, claim or argument (I could already do that) but also to substantiate a position with synthesized reasoning based on evidence and experience bedazzled with a smattering of gut feelings.

The ability to participate in this ideological proving ground was invaluable for me as an individual and a homeland security leader because it forced me to peel back the emotional and superfluous layers of the onion to reveal the crux of the issue at hand. NPS provides a common operating platform for the mid-level managers of today and will be a common thread for as we become the leaders of tomorrow.

Agencies will realize an immediate impact if they choose to as they now have homeland security leaders that are familiar with the issues, a framework for addressing the issues, and a burgeoning network that can be leveraged to design and propagate solutions. The Naval Post Graduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security is the gold standard for tomorrow’s homeland security enterprise leadership.

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