From Owen Kenneth Shaw – Director, Office of Emergency Management

I have been totally impressed with the Executive Leadership Program at the
Naval Postgraduate School at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security.
The opportunity to meet and confer with other Emergency Managers and
Homeland Security officials from local, state, and federal agencies across
the country helped me understand that the issues in Dallas are the same
issues across the USA. I learned a lot about Islam and Muslims including
that the vast majority are not involved in terrorism as seems to be a
concern by many Americans. I learned a lot about militia groups. And I
learned about Homeland Security issues and procedures across the country.
This knowledge will help me to be a better leader as one of the major city
Emergency Managers. And it will help me to associate more closely with local,
state, and federal professionals that I meet and work with on many programs
and projects. I now have friends across the country that we can share our
issues and concerns with when natural or man-made incidents cause concern in
our areas. I would strongly encourage anyone in Public Safety, Emergency
Management, or Homeland Security to consider applying for the ELP – it is a
great opportunity.

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