Non-Traditional Authorities in COVID-19 Response

We are in unprecedented times which will require all of public safety to think outside the box to protect communities and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Emergencies Act (NEA), the Defense Production Act (DPA) and the Section 1135 waiver authority for the Social Security Act (SSA) offer new tools to help with this monumental response. This webinar provides context to these non-traditional emergency authorities and explores how states can effectively utilize them in their responses to the outbreak. Panelists for the webinar are Mary Catherine Ott, NGA; Paul Rosenzweig, CHDS; Eileen Decker, CHDS; Sarah Somers, National Health Law Program; Bill Carwile, CHDS and David Fukutomi, CHDS. The panel is moderated by Glen Woodbury, Director, Center for Homeland Defense and Security.



  • 00:22 Moderator and Panelist Introductions
  • 02:20 Mary Catherine Ott, NGA
  • 07:53 Paul Rosenzweig, National Emergencies Act
  • 17:11 Eileen Decker, Defense Production Act
  • 31:05 Sarah Somers, Section 1135 Waivers
  • 36:16 Bill Carwile, Stafford Act and Major Emergency Declarations
  • 43:30 David Fukutomi, Summarizes topics discussed
  • 46:52 Questions