Watermark – Spring 2014


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Topics in this issue:

Boston Alumni Discuss Marathon Bombings • Evans Named Boston Police Commissioner • Oso Landslide Response Bolstered with CHDS Alumni • Cadre of CHDS Alumni at Seattle Fire • Cowboy Cop Rounds Up Career as Terrorism Specialist • Wearable Technology Tested in CHDS • Center Expands Educational Portfolio with Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program • Fusion Centers Critical to Nation’s Intelligence Network • Criswell Leads FEMA IMAT East • Zambri Steers L.A.’s Unique Cyber Intrusion Command Center • Former FEMA Associate Administrator Carwile Shares Homeland Security Expertise With PELP

Download the pdf: Watermark – Spring 2014

Watermark is the Alumni Magazine of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School.

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