Sara Harper, Deputy Sheriff, Placer County Sheriff’s Office

I applied for the Emergence Program because I wanted to learn more about innovation and leadership in the field of Homeland Security.  Working as a local government employee, I often thought of Homeland Security as a specialty of the Federal government. However, over the course of my career, I began to see this was not actually the case. So, I took the leap and applied to the Emergence Program (twice!) to build my knowledge base and hopefully use what I have learned to improve the safety of my county.  My biggest takeaway from the Emergence Program has been confidence.  I learned new ways to articulate my ideas to my chain of command and ways to constructively implement feedback.  Furthermore, the Emergence Program taught me to look at a problem from multiple perspectives and find the most balanced solution.  It is this ability to seek multiple perspectives that I believe will translate to the greatest takeaway for my agency.  It has never been more important than it is today for law enforcement professionals to seek lawful balanced strategies.  The Emergence Program has given me the skill set to not only meet but rise to this challenge in the future.   I would highly recommend the Emergence Program to anyone who wants to be a positive change agent within their organization.  The Emergence Program provides skills that will boost your current performance and transition with you throughout every step of your career. ”

Sara Harper
Deputy Sheriff
Placer County Sheriff’s Office