Kevin D. Hafemann, Deputy Chief – DNC, Milwaukee Fire Department

The city of Milwaukee was selected to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) and I knew that would require me to acquire a deeper understanding of the current and emerging homeland security issues. I was looking for a venue that could provide me with a graduate-level educational program and connect me with other senior-level homeland security professionals from around our nation. However, I knew that with my current role with the security planning for the DNC that I could not afford to be away from my organization for weeks on end pursuing other educational opportunities. I was looking for the quality of a graduate-level education program that did not require the workload of a traditional graduate-level education program. The hybrid ELP model was exactly what I needed.

There was a return on investment for my organization as soon as the first session concluded since I was able to immediately apply many of the topics discussed in our modules regarding strategic policy, critical thinking, crisis communications, and intergovernmental planning challenges. The ELP has definitely helped me consider many of the complex issues that our city is faced with and has provided me with a long-term network of local, state, and federal professionals that I can reach out to for assistance. If you are a senior leader that is committed to resolving homeland security issues and building your network, but you don’t have the time to commit to the traditional Master’s program then the ELP is a no-brainer.”

Kevin D. Hafemann
Deputy Chief – DNC
Milwaukee Fire Department