CHDS delivers three Radiological Emergency Preparedness Executive Education Program offerings:

In-residence REP
Executive Education Program

The in-residence REP program is conducted at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) on the campus of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. This program is designed for local, state, federal, tribal, territorial and industry leaders responsible for off-site, fixed nuclear facility emergency preparedness, response and recovery. It is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of participating executives and does not require the workload of traditional graduate-level education programs. There are two four-day in-residence sessions over the course of a six month period. Participants must commit to attending all days of both sessions. The in-residence program is fully sponsored for participants to include student travel, per diem, and lodging in accordance with federal travel regulations.



The curriculum for the program is constantly evolving to meet the needs of leaders within the Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) community. Previous sessions have included the following lecture topics:

  • Enhancing Culture of Preparedness for REP
  • Public Policy Development
  • Appreciative Leadership
  • Understanding the Threats
  • Brain Science and Thinking Strategically
  • Failure of Imagination in the Homeland Security Enterprise: Scenario Planning Mythologies to Think the Unthinkable
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Risk and Security in a Challenging World
  • Thinking about Complexity
  • Communications and Compelling Use of Data
  • Leading in a Complex Environment
  • Adaptive Communications
  • Thinking Strategically: Toward More Resilient Futures


Selection Criteria

  • Full-time employee a local, state, tribal, territorial, or federal homeland security/public safety agency or a private sector employee with off-site, fixed nuclear facility emergency preparedness responsibilities.
  • A demonstrated commitment to a career in public safety and emergency management.
  • Applicants should have strong collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills and an appreciation for continuous education and professional growth.
  • Applicants should enjoy learning through interactive activities.

Program participant selection considers the relevancy and level of applicants’ positions and radiological emergency preparedness responsibilities and the experience and knowledge they will bring to the program. This is very important since the sessions include facilitated discussions and debates where participants learn from one another. In addition, a major objective of the program is to establish relationships between executives across disciplines, agencies and levels of government so that they can utilize the network to develop new radiological emergency preparedness policies, strategies and plans to solve problems. Therefore, program participant selection will also consider the potential benefit of relationship building to the applicant.

Application Deadline December 20, 2021
Cohort 2201 In-residence (IR) February 7-11, 2022 and August 22-26, 2022
Who Should Apply local, state, federal, tribal, territorial and industry leaders within the radiological emergency preparedness field


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