May 16, 2019 | Arlington, VA

Today’s leaders are facing ever-evolving cyber related challenges each day. New technologies and threats have altered the ways in which information is collected, analyzed and stored. At the same time, the demand for security and privacy is growing as everyone realizes just how vulnerable their information is.

Recognizing this, the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) is bringing together a select group of senior homeland security officials, subject matter experts, and CHDS alumni to consider new and emergent subject matter in the field of cyber and discuss how the CHDS Executive Education Program can best engage and inform the Nation’s homeland security leaders on these topics.

This forum will be held May 16 at CNA in Arlington VA.

All participant travel/lodging and program costs will be covered by the Center for Homeland Defense and Security for invited participants.

Questions about the program can be directed to David Fukutomi at
Questions about registration can be directed to Kathleen Degnon at or 831-656-2636.

If you have received an invitation to participate in this program, please use the following form to confirm your attendance by April 26, 2019.  CHDS staff will contact you shortly with further details regarding the event. (*All fields are required.)

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