CHDS People & Events in the News

Will PEP lead to less detention than Secure Communities? Not Likely (by Patricia Corrales, ELP 902) [Aug 28 2015]

Fire capt. and attorney propose public safety drone policy [Aug 18 2015]

FBI names counterterrorism veteran to lead Philadelphia (William Sweeney, MA 1002/1003) [Aug 3 2015]

The Capital’s Top Cop (Cathy Lanier, MA 0401/0402) [Jul 17 2015]

Former LA Deputy Mayor Eileen Decker Confirmed As U.S. Attorney [Jun 12 2015]

 An awful grace: Importance of collaboration in public safety (by Gregg Farve, cohort 1405/1406) [Apr 26 2015]

Schumacher earns security master’s degree [Apr 1 2015]

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Captain Earns Security Master’s Degree From Naval Postgraduate School [Mar 28 2015]

Women’s History Month First Responder Spotlight of Dr. Carol A. Cunningham (ELP 1101) [Mar 26 2015]

TSA hopes to quadruple expedited screening (Kenneth Fletcher, MA 1003/1004, in USA Today) [Mar 26 2015]

Strada completes program on emergency management [Mar 16 2015]

U.S. Cities on alert after Paris attacks (Joe Pfeifer, MA 0401/0402, on MSNBC) [Jan 14 2015]

Lemont names new Chief of Police (Marc Maton, ELP 1201)  [Jan 7 2015]

Birmingham’s retiring FBI chief talks violent crime, race relations, heroin and more as he leaves 31 years of public service [Dec 31 2014]

Raimondo names Peter Gaynor (ELP 1201) to head R.I. Emergency Management Agency [Dec 29 2014]

National Strategy for Biosecurity Threats by Robert Hutchinson (MA 0903/0904) in Domestic Preparedness Journal; log-in required) [Sep 2 2014]

 Georgia: Technologies & Disasters (by Charley English (MA 0301) in Domestic Preparedness Journal; log-in required) [Sep 2 2014]

 Homeland or poisoned fruit? (By Sunil Dutta, MA 1005/1006, in the Daily Times of Pakistan) [Jul 25 2014]

 Lompoc names new police chief (Pat Walsh; MA 1201/1202) [Jul 24 2014]

 The Accelerating Spread of Terrorism (by Seth Jones of the CHDS faculty, in the Wall Street Journal) [Jun 5 2014]

Civil Support Teams 101 – Removing Misconceptions (By Gordon Hunter, MA 0905/0906, in Domestic Preparedness Journal) [Apr 23 2014]

Hybrid Targeted Violence: Challenging Conventional “Active Shooter” Response Strategies (Co-authored by Tracy Frazzano, MA 0903/0903, in Homeland Security Affairs)  [Feb 26 2014]

 Cybercrimes Enforcement: A State Perspective (By Keith Squires, MA 0701/0702; FCLP 1101; in Police Chief) [Feb 24 2014]

Sheriff obtains degree from Center for Homeland Defense and Security [Feb 13 2014]

‘Game Day’ Food Defense: Enhanced Business as Usual (by Michele Samarya-Timm, MA 1105/1106, in Domestic Preparedness Journal)[Jan 24 2014]

McDaniel: BWL review will be ‘extremely public’ — Lansing State Journal [Jan 13 2014]

 I Spy (by David Gomez (MA 0805/0806) in Foreign Policy) [Jan 13 2014]

 Black Swans – Preparing for Pandemic & Biological Threats (by Robert Hutchinson, MA 0903/0904) [Dec 3 2013]

 Justifiable Homicides by Law Enforcement Officers What is the Role of Mental Illness (Co-Author Michael Biasotti, MA 1001/1002) [Nov 13 2013]

Options and Challenges of a Resilience-Based, Network-Focused Port Security Grant Program (By Eric Taquechel, MA 0805/0806, Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management) [Oct 31 2013]

 Public Health Answers for Non-Public Health Organizations (by Chas Eby, MA 1001/002; in Domestic Preparedness Journal) [Oct 23 2013]

 Businesses and International Security Events: Case Study of the 2012 G8 Summit in Frederick County, Maryland (by Mark Landahl, MA 0501/0502, in Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Manaqement) [Oct 21 2013]

Preventing the Next “Lone Wolf” Terrorist Attack Requires Stronger Federal–State–Local Capabilities By Michael P .Downing (ELP 0802) and Matt A. Mayer [Sep 17 2013]

 Maryann Lizama (PELP 1303) is CPA’s first woman executive director [Sep 4 2013]

 Derailing a Chemical Attack in a Subway System (Joselito Ignacio, MA 1001/1002) [Sep 4 2013]

 Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security brings cyber security seminar to HCDE (Executive Education Seminar -EES) [Aug 5 2013]

 U.S. Extends Closing of Some Diplomatic Posts (Seth Jones, CHDS faculty)  [Aug 5 2013]

 Pandemic Strategy: Are we prepared for MERS or another pandemic? (Robert C. Hutchinson, MA 0903/0904) [Jul 29 2013]

 A Qualified FEMA Workforce (Richard Serino, ELP 0601, in Homeland Security magainze)  [Jul 26 2013]

 Discussion Point: It’s not Big Data, but Little Data, that Prevents Terrorist Attacks (Dr. Erik Dahl, Faculty)  [Jul 26 2013]

Indianapolis police invest in web-based program to better secure schools (Gary Coons, ELP 1002)  [Jul 26 2013]

 Defending the Food Supply: The Basic Recipe, by Michéle Samarya-Timm (MA 1105/1106) [Jun 28 2013]

 Governor names Keith Squires new commissioner of public safety (Keith Squires, MA 0701/0702; FCLP 1101) [Jun 21 2013]

 Transportation Requirements for Special Needs Populations (Tom Russo, MA 0901/0902)  [Jun 17 2013]

 Research Suggests Time for Change in Prehospital Spinal Immobilization (Jim Morrissey, MA 0503/0504) [Jun 3 2013]

Fusion During Crisis: Aftermath of a Perfect Storm (Christian Schulz, MA 1103/1104; Ray Guidetti, MA 0403/0404)  [May 29 2013]

 Oklahoma’s Emergency Chief Has Weathered 36 Disasters (Albert Ashwood, ELP 0601)  [May 23 2013]

 Maryann Lizama to be acting CPA executive director (PELP 1302)  [May 22 2013]

Coast Guard Sector Honolulu holds change of command ceremony (Joanna Nunan (PELP 1101; ELP 1201; Shannon Gilreath ELP 1302)[May 20 2013]

 Boston shows value of homeland security coordination, training [May 20 2013]

 A Paradigm Shift for First Responders: Preparing the Emergency Response Community for Hybrid Targeted Violence (Tracy Frazzano, MA 0903/0904, co-author)  [May 15 2013]

William J. Walker (ELP 1002) named to board of directors of the Young Marines   [May 6 2013]

Fusion During Crisis: Aftermath of a Perfect Storm (Christian Schulz, MA 1103/1103; Raymond Guidetti, MA 0402/0404) [May 6 2013]

Jankowski brings N.Y. experience to public safety role (Thaddeus Jankowski) [Apr 22 2013]

Building a National Biothreat Response Capability (Bryon Marsh, MA student, 1201/1202) [Apr 18 2013]

Gov. appoints sec. of law enforcement (Spencer Collier, ELP 1201) [Apr 8 2013]

Philip Banks named NYPD’s new chief of department (Philip Banks, ELP 1202) [Apr 2 2013]

Emergency Management director recognized at state capitol (Rodney Andreasen, MA 1003/1004) [Apr 1 2013]

After Christopher Dorner’s rampage, how to build community trust in police (Sunil Dutta MA 1005/1006) [Feb 19 2013]

Emergency Management director wins service award (Rodney Andreasen MA 1003/1004) [Feb 12 2013]

Remember Sandy Hook (Mike Crockett, MA 0403/0404) [Jan 14 2013]

2012 I Love My Librarian Award Winners Honored (Greta Marlatt)   [Dec 19 2012]

Across nation, unsettling acceptance when mentally ill in crisis are killed – Michael Biasotti   [Dec 18 2012]

Colorado Technical University Launches Master of Science in Homeland Security Degree (Nadav Morag, Steve Recca)   [Dec 3 2012]

At NPS, Rodrigo Nieto-Gómez teaches what corporations can learn from notorious gangs [Nov 29 2012]

Folsom Chief’s published work on first response to major incidents drawing international attention – Cynthia Renaud (MA 0901/0902)   [Nov 26 2012]

Drug Shortages Persist in U.S., Harming Care (Carol Cunningham, ELP 1101)   [Nov 20 2012]

Investigators focusing on gas appliances inside homes involved in Indianapolis explosion (Gary Coons, ELP 1002)   [Nov 14 2012]

PNP, NYPD sign intel gathering, anti-crime accord (Gustavo Rodriguez MA 0905/0906)   [Nov 5 2012]

Shannon named Scottsdale fire chief   [Oct 15 2012]

CBRNE Policy Research Thrives at CHDS [Oct 1 2012]

Frisco’s fire chief, police chief to assume new roles [Oct 1 2012]

Should military help on border? – Bentley Nettles   [Sep 12 2012]

New public safety director to start $90,000 position Monday – Richard Rosell   [Sep 12 2012]

GFD chief to be deployed too – Joey San Nicolas (PELP)  [Sep 11 2012]

A Dream for GINA (Jeff Magram)  [Sep 10 2012]

Yonkers Swears In New Fire Chief – Richard Sweeney [Sep 6 2012]

Hoggan named TSA assistant administrator for global strategies   [Sep 6 2012]

Springfield hires new public safety director   [Sep 6 2012]

Some say Obama’s deferred action policy will be costly but won’t bring true relief   [Sep 6 2012]

Hurricane warning: Is USA becoming complacent?   [Sep 6 2012]

Hate Speech Alone Can’t Lead to an Investigation   [Sep 6 2012]

Hate Groups In America   [Sep 6 2012]

COMMENT: Pakistan stands isolated in South Asia —Sunil Dutta [Apr 23 2012]

Joselito Ignacio writes on Protecting Subway Riders from a Chemical Attack [Apr 4 2012]

Police Chief Spagnoli Gets Award From Chabot [Mar 19 2012]

FEMA’s David Kaufman Addresses Emergency Management Trends [Mar 19 2012]

Biasotti quoted in mental illness article [Feb 3 2012]

Taylor appointed director of Emergency Services [Jan 17 2012]

San Nicholas named Guam fire chief [Jan 3 2012]

Michael Biasotti’s CHDS thesis blog topic in Huffington Post. [Dec 21 2011]

Dr. Philip Zimbardo on Al Jazeera television [Nov 21 2011]

CHDS graduate Leonard Guercia Jr. discusses emergency preparedness on WTNH in Connecticut [Nov 14 2011]

Seth Jones quoted in USA Today [Nov 14 2011]

ELP Grad Price Honored by American Heart Association [Nov 8 2011]

Professor Erik Dahl quoted in the Daily Beast [Nov 3 2011]

CHDS’ Ellen Gordon and student Nancy Dragani quoted in Emergency Management [Oct 13 2011]

Cynthia Renaud Featured in Folsom Telegraph [Oct 6 2011]

Biasotti Earns Homeland Security Studies Degree [Oct 4 2011]

John Waters in Main Line Times [Sep 30 2011]

CHDS cited in U.S. News and World Report [Sep 19 2011]

CHDS Professor Eric Dahl Quoted in the Daily Beast [Sep 8 2011]

Ottawa fire chief graduates from U.S. security school [Ottawa Citizen] [Aug 29 2011]

Fresno State to help train security pros [Fresno Bee] [Aug 1 2011]

Smith named health commissioner [Portsmouth Daily Times] [Jul 29 2011]

FBI: Pentagon suspect ‘acted alone’ [Washington Post] [Jun 20 2011]

Learn how a degree from the Naval Postgraduate School could enhance your EMS career [EMS World] [Jun 20 2011]

Glen Woodbury ’85 Directs Homeland Defense Center [Lafayette Magazine] [May 25 2011]

Senate Foreign Relations Cmte. Hearing on 2014 Transition in Afghanistan [CSPAN] [May 17 2011]

Local Military, Responders React to Bin Laden’s Death [KSBW News] [May 5 2011]

Your Future Education: Naval Postgraduate School’s Executive Leaders Program [On Scene] [Apr 19 2011]

Inside the Ring [Washington Times] [Apr 19 2011]

FBI takes down two-million computer zombie network [Government Security News] [Apr 14 2011]

Master of defense: Getting a graduate degree in homeland security [Military Times] [Apr 14 2011]

Professor accepted at elite school [Seymour Herald] [Mar 17 2011]

UAPI: Creating the foundation for homeland security education at STC [South Texas College News] [Nov 19 2010]

Educational Programs for Fusion Center Directors [Police Chief] [Nov 15 2010]

Major Player: Glen Woodbury [Emergency Management] [Nov 12 2010]

HSDL named digital library of the week [] [Oct 12 2010]

Beckley fire chief believes in always being prepared [The Register-Herald] [Oct 12 2010]

Eight Law Enforcement Professionals Receive Master’s Degrees [Law Officer] [Sep 29 2010]

FDNY Battalion Chief Earns Homeland Security Master’s Degree from Naval Postgraduate School [FDNNTV] [Sep 28 2010]

Deputy police chief earns homeland security degree [San Mateo Daily Journal] [Sep 27 2010]

Beckley Fire Chief Earns Master’s Degree [WVNS] [Sep 27 2010]

Maine Task Force One ready for any disaster [Bangor Daily News] [Sep 23 2010]

Major Player:Michael Byrne [Emergency Management] [Sep 23 2010]

Viewpoints: It’s time to pull the plug on the war against drugs [Sacramento Bee] [Sep 20 2010]

Sunil Dutta: Nonlethal weapons will bring a revolution to policing [Los Angeles Daily News] [Sep 20 2010]

Thank the British Empire for terrorism in South Asia [Los Angeles Daily News] [Sep 20 2010]

Geospatial Statistical Modeling for Intelligence-Led Policing [Police Chief] [Sep 9 2010]

Annemarie Conroy now working with U.S. attorney [San Francisco Chronicle] [Aug 26 2010]

Pasadena ANC Introduces New Chief of Police To Community [The Asbarez Post] [Aug 25 2010]

Douglas County Sheriff’s Dept. Chief Deputy Completes Executive Leaders Program [Duluth News Tribune] [Aug 25 2010]

City emergency director to work for FEMA [Philadelphia Inquirer] [Aug 10 2010]

Homeland Security essay contest winner [Barco Law Library, University of Pittsburgh]  [Aug 5 2010]

Viewpoints: End to Afghan war must involve India, Pakistan [Sacramento Bee] [Aug 2 2010]

Springfield hires new public safety director [] [Jul 20 2010]

Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki puts ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed’ cartoonist Molly Norris on execution hitlist [Jul 20 2010]

Agencies Look at Social Media for Emergency Response. [Northwest Regional Technology Center Newsletter] [Apr 13 2010]

City Manager Goes to School.  [] [Mar 8 2010]

Bronze Stars, Navy Assistant Secretary Juan Garcia Headline Winter Graduation Ceremonies. [Naval Postgraduate School Press Release][Mar 1 2010]

Fire Safety Pros bolster careers at Center for Homeland Defense and Security [FireWork] [Jan 10 2010]

Stan Supinski Featured in New York Times Article, “Safety First.” [The New York Times] [Dec 29 2009]

The Making of a Hero. [Newsweek Web] [Dec 29 2009]

CHDS graduate sworn in as FEMA Region VI Administrator. [FEMA Press Release] [Dec 22 2009]

UAPI Director Stan Supinski Quoted in Homeland Security Journal (Page 97). [This Year in Homeland Security] [Dec 1 2009]

CHDS faculty member John Rollins quoted in Cyber-Security article. [OCSE] [Dec 1 2009]

Fernandez, Lanier Win PERF Hayes Award. [Subject to Debate: a Newsletter of the Police Executive Research Forum] [Dec 1 2009]

Interview: A Next-Generation Emergency Manager. [Emergency Management] [Nov 11 2009]

A Next-Generation Emergency Manager. [Voice of America] [Nov 11 2009]

Amber Alert’s record shows it can make a crucial difference. [St. Petersburg Times] [Nov 10 2009]

Seattle PD Captain Mike Meehan is to become Chief of the Berkeley Police Department. [The Berkeley Daily Planet] [Nov 10 2009]

Path to a Pashtun Rebellion in Afghanistan. [Washington Post] [Oct 2 2009]

Serino Sworn in to the Deputy Post at FEMA. [Boston Globe] [Oct 1 2009]

Homeland Security Center Awards Top Writing Honors to Security Expert Nick Catrantzos. [PR Web] [Oct 1 2009]

US Homeland Security Center Fosters Cooperation, Preparedness. [Voice of America News] [Aug 11 2009]

Books of the Times; In the Graveyard of Empires. [The New York Times] [Jul 13 2009]

Committee Approves Serino, Werfel Nominations. [Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs] [Jul 1 2009]

FEMA: Ill. Homeland security in top 4 percent. [Associated Press] [Jul 1 2009]

College Playing Lead Role in Homeland Security Education. [Penn State Harrisburg Press Release] [Jun 16 2009]

Secretary Napolitano Swears in Homeland Security Advisory Council Members. [Department of Homeland Security Press Release] [Jun 1 2009]

David Gersten Testifies before House Committee on the Future of Fusion Centers. [Department of Homeland Security] [Apr 1 2009]

DC Police Chief Lanier Swears in 4,000 Officers From All Over America to Protect Inauguration. [Women on the Web] [Jan 19 2009]

On guard: InfraGard makes strides under new leadership. [SC Magazine] [Jan 1 2009]

The Number Cruncher Who Knows How to End Terrorism. [Esquire] [Dec 3 2008]

The Ken Van Sparrentak Interview. [Spinal Column Online] [Nov 6 2008]

Investing in Infrastructure: The Road to Recovery. [Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Hearing] [Oct 29 2008]

New communications tools help emergency responders. [CNN News] [Oct 29 2008]

Advanced Training for Homeland Security Leaders: The Center for Homeland Defense and Security. [Police Chief] [Oct 1 2008]

Fighting The Time Paradox. [CBS News] [Aug 5 2008]

Deputy gets A in Homeland Security. [] [Jul 21 2008]

Giving back to those who serve: Greta Marlatt and the Naval Postgraduate School. [] [May 11 2008]

Dartmouth institute bestows cyber security collection on Naval Postgraduate School. [Dartmouth News] [Apr 4 2008]

Homeland Security Spurs Tech Demand. [] [Apr 1 2008]

Naval Postgraduate School Master’s Program Marks Five Years. [The Monterey Herald] [Jan 30 2008]

From Genocide to Abu Ghraib – Understanding How Good People Turn Evil. [World Affairs Council] [Jan 24 2008]

Sacramento’s New Top Cop: Rick Braziel. [] [Dec 13 2007]

Through expertise, Friedland has county prepared for worst. [The Times Herald] [Oct 5 2007]

Susan Reinertson Selected For Harvard Leadership Program. [FEMA Region X Press Release] [Oct 3 2007]

Glen Woodbury Publishes Evolution of Education in Homeland Security. [Government Security News] [Oct 3 2007]

Governor Announces CHDS Alum Charley English as Director of Homeland Security. [GEMA Press Release] [Sep 21 2007]

MCP Assistant Chief and CHDS Alum Dee Walker Selected as Distinguished Fellow / Chief Manger Announces Changes in Command.[] [Aug 27 2007]

FOCUS ON SECURITY CAMERAS: Is it worth the cost? [] [Aug 17 2007]

FEMA Courses Aided Quick Response, Officials Say. [QC Homeland Security] [Aug 6 2007]

Q: What’s Your Major? A: Homeland Security. [Security Management] [Jul 15 2007]

Delving into Terror. [Palo Alto Daily News] [May 29 2007]

Special Forces Training Guides GC of Texas Military Forces. [] [May 21 2007]

Alabama Homeland Security Director Graduates From Naval Program. [WSFA 12 News Montgomery] [May 17 2007]

Calculated Risk. [Government Computer News] [May 7 2007]

Pacific Graduate School of Psychology and Stanford Professors Team Up to Launch Think Tank on Terrorism. [Business] [Apr 19 2007]

My FOX Philly Exclusive: Taking Back the Streets. [Fox 29 News] [Jan 14 2007]

N.J. state police alter tactics, targets. [Philadelphia Enquirer] [Dec 11 2006]

West Hartford Fire Chief Outlines U.S. Security Flaws. [The Hartford Courant] [Nov 24 2006]

College courses in homeland security on the rise. [] [Nov 22 2006]

Fenty Announces Choice for New Police Chief. [WJLA ABC7 News] [Nov 20 2006]

A Quick Look at the Homeland Security Digital Library. [Law Librarian Blog] [Nov 15 2006]

Susan Reinertson Named Director Of FEMA’s Region X. [FEMA Press Release] [Oct 27 2006]

NorthCom engineer earns a homeland security degree. [Colorado Springs Gazette] [Oct 1 2006]

Law & Order – deputy gets degree in homeland security. [Frederick News Post] [Oct 1 2006]

Police captain earns Homeland Security degree. [Sioux City Journal] [Oct 1 2006]

Libraries in the War on Terrorism. [Info Today] [Sep 1 2006]

U.S. safer? A matter of opinion. [The Monterey Herald] [Sep 1 2006]

Assistant police chief retires from force. [Pioneer Press] [Sep 1 2006]

Business Doings: Kudos. [Observer] [Sep 1 2006]

A tale of two failed Mideast states. [Christian Science Monitor] [Aug 1 2006]

On balance, Israel won this round. [Christian Science Monitor] [Aug 1 2006]

Israel’s goals in the present conflict. [Christian Science Monitor] [Jul 1 2006]

Fire Chief is Pick for State Security Job. [Concord Monitor] [Jun 1 2006]

Killings of 2 missing GIs possibly a show of force by insurgents, analysts say. [San Francisco Chronicle] [Jun 1 2006]

A Score Card for the War on Terror. [Christian Science Monitor] [Jun 1 2006]

After Zarqawi, Al Qaeda’s ideas are still potent. [Christian Science Monitor] [Jun 1 2006]

General Nesbitt Appointed Georgia’s Homeland Security Director; Charley English Appointed Permanent GEMA Director. [The Weekly][May 1 2006]

Cop Had Role in History. [] [May 1 2006]

Moussaoui Jurors Hear Flight 93 Tape. [ABC News] [Apr 1 2006]

St. Paul police get $250,000 grant for work with Muslim/Somali communities. [Pioneer Press] [Mar 1 2006]

Naperville Police Chief David Dial Earns Master’s of Homeland Security Degree from Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California.[Securitas] [Mar 1 2006]

Homeland security library gets more searchable. [Federal Computer Week] [Feb 14 2006]

What’s driving the kidnappings in Iraq? [Christian Science Monitor] [Feb 1 2006]

Senators push for preparedness training. [Federal Computer Week] [Dec 23 2005]

Alperen Says Ferry Dock Fence is Completely Ineffective. [St. Thomas Press] [Dec 1 2005]

CHDS Professor receives the LCDR David L. Williams Outstanding Professor Award. [Dec 1 2005]

1401: A Program Whose Time Has Come. [Interoperability Today] [Dec 1 2005]

Colleges training terrorism fighters. [The Dallas Morning News] [Nov 25 2005]

U.S. Wireless Online Participates in Nationwide Test of Technology for Homeland Security and Defense. [Broadband Wireless Exchange Magazine] [Jul 1 2005]

London bombings highly orchestrated. [The Monterey Herald] [Jul 1 2005]

Police Commander Named to Antiterror Post. [Washington Post] [Jul 1 2005]

CHDS Instructor Wins Williams Outstanding Professor Award. [Jul 1 2005]

CHDS Alum Ruben Almaguer named Deputy Director for Florida Emergency Management [Jul 1 2005]

Book Review: Critical infrastructure protection in homeland security: defending a networked nation. [Computing Reviews] [Jul 1 2005]

Death of Lacy Suiter Leaves Large Void in Emergency Management Community. [CQ Weekly] [Jul 1 2005]

Center for Homeland Defense and Security: The Nation’s Homeland Security Educator. [CBIAC Newsletter] [Jul 1 2005]

The Power of Public-Private Partnerships P3 Networks in Policing. [National Academy Associate] [May 1 2005]

In war on terrorism, US government finds allies on campus colleges offering curriculums in homeland security. [Washington Post] [May 1 2005]

UConn Plans Security Courses. [Hartford Courant] [May 1 2005]

UConn to offer master’s degree in homeland security. [Danbury News Times] [Apr 22 2005]

Ready Campus Goal Reached, National Roll-out in the Offing. [] [Mar 1 2005]

Premier Textbook on Critical Infrastructure Protection Published. [Mar 1 2005]

CHDS Professor receives the 2005 Havel Foundation Vision 97 Award. [Jan 1 2005]

ODP-Funded Graduate Program Focuses on Homeland Security. [Oct 1 2003]

Homeland Security Degree Offered In Monterey. [NBC 11 News] [Jan 8 2003]

Putting Pressure on Terrorists. [The Monterey Herald] [Jan 7 2003]

Prestigious school creates homeland security center. [Knight Ridders Newspaper] [Jan 7 2003]

Naval School Announces Homeland Security Program. [San Francisco Chronicle] [Jan 7 2003]

Naval School Offers Graduate Degree in Homeland Security. [Government Executive Newsletter] [Jan 7 2003]