Apply to the Pacific Executive Leaders Program (PELP)


December 13, 2019 deadline for admittance to the next cohort.

If you are a DHS employee, review these instructions before you start an application.

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Previous applicants: CHDS changed the PELP application process in August 2019. If your application was incomplete, or if you want to re-apply, you will need to start a new application by clicking the blue button above. Contact with questions or for help.

Application overview:

1. The application will ask you some basic information about your:

  • Current contact information
  • Your organization/agency and your position in it
  • Your resume

2. You will be asked to write short responses to the following:

  • Briefly describe your position and the homeland security, public safety, and emergency management aspects of your position. (<2000 characters).
  • Describe two or three of your most recent significant homeland security-related projects. Briefly describe why those activities are significant to homeland security (<2000 characters).

3. If you are not the most senior person in your organization, you will be asked to submit a letter of recommendation from that person.

Read the complete program overview.