CHDS Master's Application Recommendations

Letters of Recommendation

10% of weighted application score

Three letters of recommendation are required from:

  1. An endorsement by your agency or organization administrator that a) clearly acknowledges an awareness of the time and energy necessary to complete the program and b) promises the highest level of support. Non-DHS federal employees are required to include in their application materials a statement from their sponsoring agency or command affirming a willingness to pay all of the applicant’s program expenses if the applicant is accepted. U.S. military officers should follow the specific instructions listed here.
  2. A peer who can comment on your dedication, conscientiousness, thinking abilities, and communication skills.
  3. A local, state, or federal public administrator/official with public safety or homeland security responsibilities who can comment on your potential to contribute to public safety or homeland security.

The 18 months of graduate study in homeland security will require significant time and energy. It would be impossible to complete the in-residence and distance learning portions without strong support from your agency or organization. The letters of support and recommendations are assessed for evidence of such support. Given the high status and positions of many candidates, it is often necessary to get letters of support from people who can assure the Admissions Committee that you will be provided the time necessary to attend in-residence classes and complete the coursework, writing, and research requirements. The program is organized so that participants can remain in their work positions while completing the degree, but compromises are still necessary. The specificity of the recommendations and the statements of support are important to your ability to complete the program.

The strongest agency recommendation letters corroborate the roles, responsibilities, and criticality of the applicant’s position found in the self-assessment essay. Additionally, the agency support letter should discuss the next 2-5 years of the applicant’s career and how he/she will be a change agent in homeland security at a strategic level.

Letters of Recommendation and Support represent 10 percent of the weighted assessment score. However, the absence of organizational support is sufficient to reject a Candidate. Additional support requirements (such as those appropriate to certain military applicants) are also necessary for the Applicant to be considered.

Your Letters

Before you can finalize your application you must provide information about who will be sending in letters to meet the above criteria.

Letters of Recommendation may be sent to:

Heather Issvoran
Director, Strategic Communications
Contract Support for The Center for Homeland Defense and Security
Naval Postgraduate School
1 University Cir
Bldg 220, Rm. 064
Monterey, CA 93943

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