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Trends in Domestic Targeted Violence
Canada’s Homeland Security Perspective
How 5G will Change Homeland Security/Public Safety
Emergency Management 2.0
Public Health Risk Forecast
Border Security – Perception vs. Reality
Collaborative Security & Information Sharing

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Alumni Short Talks

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"Countering Human Trafficking" with Bentley Nettles, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) Executive Director
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"Climate Security: A Pre-Mortem Approach to a Sustainable Global Future " with John Comiskey, Associate Professor of Homeland Security at Monmouth University, and Michael Larrañaga, President of R.E.M. Risk Consultants.
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"Whistle-Blowing: An Unyielding Duty" with Colonel Tom Rempfer, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
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"Health Equity is a Homeland Security Issue" with William Pilkington, H.O.P.E. Program Director at the North Carolina Central University
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"How Fake News and Information Laundering Threaten Homeland Security" with Katelyn Mason and Samantha Korta
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"Moral Injury" with Dr. Noël Lipana, Quiet Terrain, LLC
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"Public Health Threat Landscape" with Dr. Crystal Watson, Senior Scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security
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"5G & HOMELAND SECURITY LEADERSHIP IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION" with Dr. Ryan Burchnell, Director, FirstNet Strategy & Policy at AT&T
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"Beats Thinking: Detecting Deception & Eliciting Truth" with Nick Catrantzos, a “pracademic” with stratcolab.
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Materials from APEX2019


FEMA Update
China and North Korean Influence on Global Security
Current Trends in Biometrics for Homeland Security
Domestic Terrorist Threats – Hate Groups 2.0
New Wicked Issues and Security Challenges for Homeland Security Leaders
Emerging Nano-Technology- How it can be Used for Good and Evil
Immigration- Current Issues

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