Alumni Professional Exchange (APEX) Continuing Education Workshop

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February 22-24, 2022
Monterey, CA

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The Alumni Professional Exchange (APEX) Continuing Education Workshop provides alumni the opportunity to learn about and reflect on critical homeland security issues from different perspectives while visiting with classmates, expanding networks with professionals from other cohorts, and catching up with instructors.

APEX 2021 Virtual – February 16-18, 2021

APEX2021 Virtual Program

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As COVID-19 continues to impact our ability to conduct safe educational and social gatherings, CHDS has made the difficult decision to cancel the June APEX 2021 sessions in Monterey. While this action is regrettable, our CHDS family’s safety is always our first priority. APEX attracts more than 250 attendees annually. With the current limitations, we would be unable to provide the kind of event that would promote collaboration, networking, and education you are used to. We will be back on track for APEX 2022, which will be held February 22-24, 2022.

APEX is the annual event where our alumni, staff, and faculty gather to share smart practices, network amongst leaders, and have a great time reconnecting with cohort colleagues. Next year, we will be back bigger and better than before.

Alumni Short Talks and APEX Presentations

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"Countering Human Trafficking" with Bentley Nettles, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) Executive Director. February 2020.
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"Climate Security: A Pre-Mortem Approach to a Sustainable Global Future " with John Comiskey, Associate Professor of Homeland Security at Monmouth University, and Michael Larrañaga, President of R.E.M. Risk Consultants. February 2020.
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"Whistle-Blowing: An Unyielding Duty" with Colonel Tom Rempfer, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) February 2020.
Health Equity
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"Health Equity is a Homeland Security Issue" with William Pilkington, H.O.P.E. Program Director at the North Carolina Central University. February 2020.
Fake News
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"How Fake News and Information Laundering Threaten Homeland Security" with Katelyn Mason and Samantha Korta. February 2020.
Moral Injury
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"Moral Injury" with Dr. Noël Lipana, Quiet Terrain, LLC. February 2020.
Public Health
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"Public Health Threat Landscape" with Dr. Crystal Watson, Senior Scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security. February 2020.
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"5G & HOMELAND SECURITY LEADERSHIP IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION" with Dr. Ryan Burchnell, Director, FirstNet Strategy & Policy at AT&T. February 2020.
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"Beats Thinking: Detecting Deception & Eliciting Truth" with Nick Catrantzos, a “pracademic” with stratcolab. February 2020.
Civil Unrest
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"Rethinking Law Enforcement Response to Mass Gatherings & Civil Unrest" with Cynthia Renaud, President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. February 2021.
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"An Uncertain Threat: Climate Migration to the United States" with Katelin Wright, Senior Immigration Services Officer (ISO) at the Albuquerque U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Field Office. February 2021.
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"Military Lessons: Real-time Situational Intelligence for Election Administrators" with Chad Houck, Chief Deputy Secretary of State for Idaho. February 2021.
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"No Crisis Left to Waste: Exploring Convergent Themes in Extremist Propaganda" with John Tully Gordon, Intelligence Research Specialist with the NYPD Intelligence Bureau. February 2021.
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"Hearing Muted Voices: Using Radical Subjectivity to Address Homeland Security Issues" with Lier Chen, Immigration Services Officer, DHS USCIS. February 2021.
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"Rescue Strike Team, an Alternative to Rescue Task Force" with Eric Saylors, Battalion Chief, Sacramento Fire Department. February 2021.
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"Warnings Unheeded, Again: What the Intelligence Lessons of 9/11 Tell Us about the Coronavirus Today" with Dr. Erik Dahl, Associate Professor of National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School. February 2021.
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"COVID-19 Effects and Russian Disinformation Campaigns" with Dr. Wesley Moy, Adjunct Lecturer in the Global Security Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University; and Dr. Kacper Gradon, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law and Director of the Centre for Forensic Sciences at the University of Warsaw (Poland). February 2021.
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"COVID-19: Public Health, Privacy, and Law Enforcement, A Precarious Balancing Act" with Christopher Whiting, Detective Sergeant with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office (New Jersey) Intelligence & Counterterrorism Unit. February 2021.
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"Wearables: Useful Sentinels of Our Health?" with Matthew S. Austin, Commander (CDR) in the U.S. Coast Guard. February 2021.
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"How Should the National Guard Be Employed for The Next National Disaster?" with Paul Jara, Director of Staff for the Arkansas Air National Guard. February 2021.
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"Creating a Personal Brand Strategy" with Heather Issvoran, Director - Strategic Communications, Center for Homeland Defense and Security. February 2021.
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Materials from past APEX workshops.